Security – Part 3 – Security development Tool – Recording

Microsoft introduced a security development tool which helps the user create/identify the required entry points to build a security role within AX.

In this blog I have written a quick walk through guide into using the security development tool. Note that in order to use this walk through effectively I would suggest reading this.

Firstly you will need to install the security development tool, details on this can be found here:

Once installed follow these steps to create a simple Duty which will allow a user to view the inquiry ‘On-hand’ (Stock and warehouse management > Inquiries > On-hand)


To start with we will create ourselves a new Duty for this demo call it ‘Demo_1’:

  1. Open the AOT (Ctrl+D)
  2. Navigate to Security > Duties
  3. Right click on the ‘Duties’ node and select New Duty
  4. Name the duty ‘Demo_1’ (remember to change the name and the label in the properties pane)

Now to start using the security tool:

  1. Open the security development tool: System administration > Setup > Security > Security entry point permissions 
  2. Click the start recording button
  3. Now carry out your operation in our case it is Stock and warehouse management > inquires > On-Hand I will also navigate to the dimension display button and save a change there.
  4. Open the Security entry point permissions window and click Stop recording
  5. This should return the following values:
  6. Now select the type of ‘Duty’ and enter the name ‘Demo_01’
  7. Tab away from this field, this should bring up a loading bar (don’t worry you will not loose you recording)
  8. Select both of the entry points and right click and select Set entry point permission
  9. Amend these records to have ‘full control’ to do this highlight the two records and then amend the access level using the Bulk update and click Apply
  10. Click Next
  11. Now we need to add a privilege to the duty (this will contain the entry points identified), to do this right click the Duty and click New privilege
  12. Enter the following information then click OK
  13. Next we will attach the entry points to the privilege, right click the newly created privilege and select  Apply entry point access level to selection
  14. This should look like this: 

15. Closing the screen will make the appropriate updates.

To test this newly created duty you can use the ‘Open the security test workspace’ function or you can apply the new duty a user and observe the change. For this example I will use the test work space.

  1. Click Open the security test workspace, Click yes to the info log.
  2. This will open a new work space
  3. Navigate to Stock and warehouse management > inquires > On-Hand 
  4. Check that the appropriate functions have been made available.



So this product is great and it is really helpful but it is 100% accurate you will probably hit about 90% of the entry points that you need (good starting point) some of the areas I’ve had troubles with include: (I will add more when remember / come across them)

  • Query screens – E.g. the normal on-hand stock form doesn’t register the query form at the start.

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