Excel add-ins

In this blog i’m going to run through the functionality available in the ‘Excel Add-ins’ tool. For this example I will be updating an existing Customer group and I will also create a new customer group.

Finding the connection details for your system: 

  1. Open AX and navigate to System administration > Setup > Services and Application Integration Framework > Inbound ports
  2. Click the port name AifServices 
  3. The port details should be in the WSDL URL:

Using Excel Add-in

  1. Open Excel
  2. Select the tab Dynamic AX
  3. Click Configure > Options 
  4. Enter the appropriate information (Identified above) then click Connect and OK
  5. Click Design > Add Data > Add Table
  6. In this example I’m going to be using the CustGroup, Find the CustGroup within the Available table and move this table across to the Selected tables using the >
  7. Click OK
  8. Select the fields you would like to import/amend in the Field chooser (this is done by by double clicking the fields required, in this example I’m using all the fields)
  9. Next close the field chooser plane
  10. This should reveal the Refresh button, clicking  this will bring through the current AX records in that table.
  11. Create a new record by adding a new line to the bottom of the table and amend another record in the table that exists.
  12. This should bring up a new tab called Dynamics AX Status this tab should detail the publishing of two records (the new record and the update of the record that existed)
  13. Within AX open the table you have modified and confirm that this information has been amended and imported.

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